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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee (12 oz)

Bring after-hours energy to even the earliest of mornings with the rich, decadent flavor of Bourbon Barrel Foods bourbon barrel-aged whole bean coffee. These whole, unground 100% Arabica coffee beans are roasted over an open flame, then left to age in a Kentucky bourbon barrel for a distinctive, oaky flavor reminiscent of the southern spirit. The beans deliver rich flavor notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and whiskey without any alcohol content, for a medium roast with a unique twist that stands out from the standard bean.

Whole bean coffee maintains freshness and flavor for much longer than pre-ground alternatives, making it an ideal option for restaurants, cafes, and bakeries striving to achieve optimal flavor in their signature menu items. Unground beans also allow each batch to be individually ground immediately prior to brewing for maximum aroma that keeps customers coming back for more! Processing your own beans allows you to control the grind level so that you can tailor the coffee to your preferred brewing method, whether it be drip, cold brew, french press, or pour over.

To brew 64 oz. or 1/2 gallon of prepared coffee in a standard filter brewer, weigh out 3.5 oz., or 0.22 lb., of whole beans. Grind the beans into a filter and place the filter of ground coffee into the brew basket. Select the appropriate batch size on your brewer and start the brew cycle. Wait until all of the coffee has dripped from the brew basket before serving.
$ 20.00